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SAP on Azure : Setup squid Proxy Server for SAP HA on SUSE

During the high availability setup of SAP NetWeaver OR S/4 HANA system in Microsoft Azure Cloud, we need to deploy Standard Internal Load Balancer(ILB) to define virtual IP for the Linux Pacemaker Cluster SAP NetWeaver for ASCS OR DB VM nodes which are part of backend pool of Internal Load Balancer(ILB), outgoing internet connections may not be available for those Vms. This causes issues with Azure Fencing agent, SMT server ( for patch update), backup to blob etc.

As a workaround we can setup proxy server in SAP application server VM and direct ASCS and DB cluster nodes to connect to proxy for outbound internet connection.

Steps to follow

1. Install squid proxy server in a application server.

>>zypper in squid

>>systemctl start squid

>>systemctl enable squid

>>vi /etc/squid/squid.conf and add entry to allow the vnet to be connected this proxy.

acl localnet src xx.xx.xx.xx/yy

>>systemctl restart squid

2. In the ASCS Cluster node

Select Enable Proxy.

In HTTP Proxy URL, enter IP address of app server which is running squid proxy and “:3128” (or the http port defined in the file squid.conf in the proxy server.

Select ‘Use the Same Proxy for all Protocols”

3. Test from ASCS Node if outbound connection is working by running


>>sudo zypper update



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